Miller Lite is Screwed


Pop open a cold one (whichever cold one you want, we don’t judge) and kick back with Charlie and Rob as we check out the controversy and backlash surrounding Miller Lite and their controversial new ad with Ilana Glazer: Bad $#!T to Good $#!T.

This whole narrative started with the Bud Light controversy surrounding their Dylan Mulvaney campaign.

Check out a link to the original Dylan Mulvaney video here:

With the Dylan Mulvaney video, a lot of folks felt like woke ideologies and sensibilities were being pushed on them… by a f***ing beer company.

The ad seemed to be a light attempt to invite beer drinkers to honor the transgender community. But the messaging was lost in translation, coming across as more-so pandering and pushy, and it was met with intense criticism from just about everyone, for one reason or another.

Now, Miller Lite has found itself in the spotlight.

You can check out the original ad here:

Though this ad was created and posted prior to Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney controversy, that doesn’t matter to Twitter.

Miller Lite’s focus seems to be promoting feminist ideologies, and is the companies attempt to apologize for its’ misogynistic advertising from the past. The ad is different from Bud Light’s, but is equally as woke and patronizing in its messaging.

So… let’s talk about it!