About #Ramtruth

We’re #RamTruth, your weird Uncle’s favorite content creators.

Every day, we expand the light of human consciousness by creating eye-opening content that touches you deep in your chakras.

Just kidding. We’re just two old dudes f***in’ around.

But we have a lot of fun with our videos, and we’re game to talk about just about anything (with just about anyone). But we do have some main areas of interest:

  • Business and Marketing
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Web 3 stuff (AI, Crypto, etc.
  • Motivation and productivity

So if you’re looking to get some killer advice that’ll make you a top-notch entrepreneur and an absolute machine of a man/woman/whatever… Then you should probably go watch Gary Vee.

But if you’re into listening to the antics and perspectives of a couple of goofy, somewhat-knowledgable, and (somehow) successful dudes that you’d like to have a beer with, then #RamTruth just might be the place for you.

Why don’t you hang out for awhile?



Charlie: The Intense One

Let’s just say that Charlie really puts the “Ram” in #RamTruth.

Charlie is loud, opinionated, unfiltered, and universally loved by just about everyone he comes across.

(And no, I’m not just saying that because he’s paying me to write this.)

Charlie is a strong leader, a great salesman, and an honest businessman. His knack for attracting highly skilled, ambitious people and unifying them to achieve whatever ambitions he has in-mind at the time is what has made him successful in life, and it’s that exact talent that led to the creation of #RamTruth.

He also sends a lot of inspirational emails to his friends and employees. Like a lot.

The idea to start #RamTruth came from Charlie’s desire to do more with his network, connections, and business expertise, and his classic approach of “take action first, figure the rest out later” has proven to be an effective one.

No one knows for sure what #RamTruth is going to end up being, but one thing is certain: it’ll probably be exactly what Charlie wants it to be.

Now if only we could figure out what that is…

Rob: The Bald One

Rob (known internally as ‘The Hairless Wonder’) is a marketing expert and SEO mastermind. Rob’s made a reputation for himself as a marketer that can put a business on the map, seemingly out of nowhere, using his vast knowledge of Local SEO, Google Ads, Web Design, and Social Media Advertising.

No one is sure exactly where Rob’s powers come from. Some say he made a deal with a crossroads demon, some say he filled his head with so much knowledge that there was no longer room for hair, and some say he draws his power from the aggressively white light that he insists on having over his desk at all times… But no one is sure.

In any case, Rob is the more level-headed one that acts as a perfect counterbalance to Charlie’s… vibe.